Data analysis and visualization for JavaScript

Notebook style prototyping, data exploration and analysis on your desktop in your favorite full-stack language

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Want to do visual prototyping and exploratory data analysis?

But you need to work in JavaScript

Love the idea of Notebook style or literate programing?

But your production environment is JavaScript

Your answer is Data-Forge Notebook

Convenient and accessible. Like a REPL on steroids.

Fire it up and start coding

Live visualizations as you code

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Ashley Davis

I always start my JavaScript coding with Data-Forge Notebook. I can see visual results immediately while I'm coding and it makes it easy to understand what's going on in the code.

Ashley Davis - author of Data Wrangling with JavaScript

About Data-Forge Notebook

Data-Forge Notebook is a desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux. Use it to prototype JavaScript code in a highly visual fashion. It makes data transformation, analysis and visualization a breeze.


  • Automatic management of Node.js and npm modules
  • Reuse your Node.js code modules
  • Supports various data formats and databases
  • Live visualization for tables, json data, html, charts and maps
  • Export to the web - host your viz on any server or easily include it in your blog
  • Export to Node.js - deploy to your production environment
  • Export your generated or transformed data and reuse it however you want
  • Export screenshots of your charts - great for including charts in your blog
  • Export your notebooks to PDF files - great for printing student handouts
  • Library of examples, data and snippets to help you get started
  • Contribute your own code examples and help others get started
  • Use your favourite language: ES6, TypeScript, Flow, CoffeeScript, etc
  • Manage your whole exploratory coding project, including notebooks, scripts, dependencies and data
  • Integrates with Git and Mercurial

Data-Forge Notebook is bought to you by Ashley Davis, creator of Data-Forge and author of Data Wrangling with JavaScript

Exploratory coding, data analysis and visualization in JavaScript

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