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Exploratory coding and data analysis for JavaScript and TypeScript

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Want to do visual prototyping and exploratory data analysis?

But you need to work in JavaScript

Love the idea of Notebook-style or literate programing?

But your production environment is JavaScript

Learning JavaScript?

Data-Forge Notebook offers a friendly and forgiving environment that includes Node.js, automatically installs npm modules, has zero configuration and just works.

Just fire it up and start coding

Example notebooks

Data-Forge Notebook includes many example notebooks to help you get started and working quickly with JavaScript.

Click these links to see example exported notebooks:

What people are saying

An invaluable tool for prototyping with JavaScript. As a web developer, using JavaScript all the time, this is a game changer.

Paolo Leopardi

Amazing product that enables analysis and visualization while using JavaScript

Brian Enochson, CTO at The Java Experts

Quick and easy way to get up and running in JavaScript, love the ability to visualize results as you code

Peter Srajer, Senior Data Scientist - Geospatial at Wellsite Masters

The key is that it "just works" right out of the install.

Matthew Abts, CPA

No more switching between TypeScript, R and Python when doing data exploration, now I can keep my data extraction, shaping and visualisation all in TypeScript!

Eugene Duvenage, Technology and Innovation Specialist

Convenient and accessible. Like a REPL on steroids.

Live visualizations as you code

Export to runnable Node.js code and other formats

About Data-Forge Notebook

Data-Forge Notebook is a desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Prototype JavaScript code in a highly visual fashion.

It makes data transformation, analysis and visualization a breeze.

Own Data-Forge Notebook Pro version 1 (and upgrades) for a one off payment of $50 USD. You may install it on as many computers as you like (although you can't share your licence key with others).

Don't be tied to someone's hosted solution, get the desktop application: maintain privacy for your code and data, work off-line whenever you want.

Free features

  • Create JavaScript notebooks
  • Code using the latest JavaScript features
  • Full language support, anything you can do in Node.js you can also do in Data-Forge Notebook (but with live visualizations!)
  • Zero configuration, just install and start coding
  • Visualize JavaScript & JSON data, tabular data, charts, geographic data and more
  • Node.js v12 is included, no separate download, setup or installation is required
  • Npm modules are automatically installed as you type require and import statements
  • Reuse your own Node.js code modules
  • Supports various data formats and databases
  • Direct access to your local file system for loading and saving data
  • Easily plot charts from your data
  • Visualize maps and geo data
  • Numerous example notebooks to help you get started

Pro features

  • As above; plus...
  • Create TypeScript notebooks and code using the TypeScript language
  • Expanded memory limits, access up to 10GB from your notebooks
  • Export to various formats:
    • Web or markdown - host your notebooks on any server or include them in your blog
    • Single code file - export your notebook as runnable JavaScript or TypeScript code
    • Node.js - export as a production ready Node.js project, complete with build pipeline for ES Next (using Babel) or TypeScript.
    • PNG or PDF files - great for printing student handouts
  • Save images of individual outputs (charts, geo, tables, etc) - great for creating graphics for your blog
  • Export cell outputs to data files
  • Portable versions of the application (delivery in a zip/tar file).

Pro features coming soon

  • Management of Node.js version
  • BYO Node.js version
  • Integrated npm search
  • Management of npm modules

See the road map for future plans!

Please email and let me know which future features are important to you!

Want to know how it's different to Jupyter Notebook + IJavaScript? Read this

Decide later that it isn't for you? Let me know within 30 days and you'll get a full refund.

About the developer

Data-Forge Notebook is bought to you by Ashley Davis, creator of Data-Forge and author of Data Wrangling with JavaScript and Bootstrapping Microservices.

Ashley Davis

I always kickstart my JavaScript coding with Data-Forge Notebook. I can see visual results immediately while I'm coding and it makes it easy to understand what's going on in the code.

Exploratory coding, data analysis and visualization in JavaScript and TypeScript

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